Atrium Price Increase on Natcell Products
Thu, 17 Nov 2005 11:39:25 -0800

Atrium has notified me that starting on Jan 1, 2006 that they will eliminate distributor prices and incorporate all sales to be at Suggested Retail Price with discounts based on volume. I am not sure what that structure is going to be. This is a quote from my Atrium representative:

"I informed you by phone that for 2006 we will present a new price structure to all of our customers. As I explained to you, basically there will be one price which will be the SRP. Quantity discounts will be applied according to the volume of the order. Your private label products will not be included in this structure. Your private label products will be adjusted with a 2-3% increase."

I just want everyone to know that the price is going to go up when current supplies are gone. Also the cost of the ice boxes I ship in went from about $ 1200.00 a month to over $ 1900.00 a month. Shipping charges from Fed Ex have increased in several ways, fuel surcharges, no signature surcharges, residential surcharges, business surcharges, and no more leaving the package without signature if it is valued over $ 500.00.

UPS has also increased prices. UPS added a 21% Fuel Surcharge.
I will be forced to raise costs somewhere or quit.

I am aware that this is just wonderful news for the Holidays, but that is when I always get this great news. Just as a note, last year Atrium raised all Natcell prices 2 % and I did nothing. Atrium went public this year, meaning that they are now a public company that you can buy stock in, TSX:ATB. This means, Toronto Stock Exchange, ticker symbol ATB.

I Pray that everyone has a Wonderful New Year, A Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah.