Donation for Cynthia

The purpose of this website is very simple...
Cynthia desperately needs a kidney transplant and her family is searching for a "directed donation" in order to save her life. Yes, it is that serious and yes... it is that crucial.

..."My daughter Cynthia, 25, was diagnosed with renal failure in 1995 at the age of 16. Her health deteriorated rapidly to the point where a kidney transplant was required. One day in 1997 Cynthia became very ill ...And a few weeks later Cynthia... received a kidney from me. However after multiple rejections, in 2000 her donated kidney had failed and had to be removed. She was placed on a transplant waiting list.

Her blood type is very rare, B+, only found in 7% of the population. Which means that being in the emergency list, still would not help Cynthia. We feel she is not going to have enough time for a kidney to become available..."

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