The Last Painting by Cecil Young, Victim of Peg Intron!


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We wanted to share Mr. Cecil Young's last painting: Our Lord, Jesus Christ. You will notice this painting of Jesus was after the Resurrection with nail scarred hands. He was preparing to open his robe for Thomas (Didymus), the 12th Disciple.

click picture to enlargeThe Last Painting by Cecil Young, Victim of Peg Intron

( John 20:24 / 29 ) Thomas was the only Disciple not present when Jesus appeared to the other 11. Thomas was not believing... But lo, Jesus did appear... and Thomas did believe...

Your welcome to save / print for your viewing (copy write) and may be passed to others. If forwarded, please remember to mention, all paintings by Mr. Cecil Young are copy written and may not be legally reproduced / used without his written consent.

Mr. Young is a victim of Schering-Ploughs PegIntron / Rebetol combo therapy and now mentally incapacitated and incarcerated. He is in need of Legal Council that supersedes a Public Defender. All donations for his defense is more than appreciated... It's a Blessing!

Please send to or acquire further information:

Mrs. ( BK) Brenda Kay Young
4817 Bowen Ave., Memphis, TN. 38122.
ccbky @

You may also write and donate to the daily canteen,
not to exceed $100 per day:

Mr. Cecil Young
Lexington County Detention Center
P.O. Box 2019
Lexington, S.C. 29071

The canteen fund is to provide Mr. Young with weekly / daily rations of clean clothes and supplemental foods.

We thank you for keeping us close to your heart and prayers. Only by the Grace of God... this too shall pass.

Most Sincerely,
Bk Young

P.S. As we look... All the World is in terrible despair! (Matthew 24)