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For all the people who wonder why I am on a Crusade to STOP interferon use!

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Hi Lloyd.....hope you are well...since we last spoke i made a bad mistake in being scared to death into taking the pegintron. My only excuse is that I was so traumatized and not at all thinking. what you talked about didn't eeven register and do remember the cost but the cost that the tx has done is far greater. didn't work either. The doc kept me on it for over a year. After the 1st shot, it was all over. My mind went. memories of that time period is nearly a blank and what I do recall are faded memories but i did go insane. My son in particular told me things...omg. I was not symptomatic except for an acute episode which was dx as one of the strange flu viruses going around. no blood tests. I got tested due to finding out about mt employers hep c. I managed a horse supply store and did repairs and making saddles replacements as she also did so shared the same tools...and so on. So got tested. I dealt with this alone for the most part. wish someone would have take! n me by the hand and made me stop taking the tx. I remember thinking i was going to die and was always surprised that i woke up. Either it was mania or down, sleeping 20 hours per day. The mania and insomnia kept me up....I made starblanket quilt that i barely remember doing.....I hung it up in memory of that....and thank goodness for Art Bell! Don't recall much but that show was like a lifeline or something to keep me in touch with being alive or something....all insane. Soooooo.....after the tx, viral load was down to 300 and yo yo'd to 3000. where it is now after one year, have no idea. I was on the freebie program....had every side affect you can think of.....On my last visit to this doc as it turned out...he FIRED me.. i complained about the lasting sides...months had past and things got worse..including my son came with since brain went somewhere. The doc was incredibly nervous...very...My son asked about his affiliation with Schering Plough and he said he had none, then a few minutes later when son asked again differen tly, he said he got a STIPEND...then retracted that....I told him that since the brains are a bit back, I realized the that at week 12 it was obvious that no significant drop in viral load or svr nor at week 24 was the viral load undetectable or percentage wise low enough to consider going on. One month bloodwork was all I got and cysts, one which got infected and painfully had to be drained and all the other sides inclusding this black rash on my back...which felt likr=e being whacked with a board of nails..i jumped around when laying out quite a bit..... well, after he fired me...severed our patient/doctor relationship as he put it....i walked out and siad i hope his studies are going ok..he said, "Thank you'...and then "we..wewewell......." My question to you is what can I do now? SAMe? The Protocal you do? Legally, is this doc guilty? I have been trying to get lawyers to talk to me....touchy subject, it seems. any help would be appreciated. ! also, Paul is not well. If you don't know. I visited him in the hospital a few times but he's out for now. Worried about him. He means well, that guy. Ps: am doing herbs for now. seems to help. ran out of money and didn't do for a few weeks and felt like sheeeet. sorry for rambling. i don't have the number Paul gave me of yours. did you call or me? My memory sucks.Thanks, Lloyd

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