I Took That Crap I Almost Died


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Hi Lloyd--

I have been taking your products now off & on since the end of 2004. I can't get them every month, but I try as much as I can . They have been a help after that awful interferon 2b.

All I can say is in the 89 days I took that crap I almost died. It was devastating. If someone hadn't told me about your book, I probably would not be around any longer. Thank GOD FOR FINDING YOU!

I want to thank you for caring so much about all of us with this silent killer . I grew up in Venice, CA. Sometimes I get so tired of all the pills & everything else. But to live I have to keep on keeping on. GOD BLESS you Lloyd Wright. Where would we all be without your compassion?


Sunday, June 19, 2005 11:35 PM