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Dear Lloyd,

I have been thru 2 interferon programs in the past 10 years. It is back with a vengence. Just read your book "Triumph over Hep C" trying to put together an herbal program. Are there any Doctors prescribing herbal program? Where would I get information regarding Doctors that use this method (is there any possibility that any of this could be covered by medical insurance).

I was a guinea pig for Theresa Wright at UC Medical in San Francisco. The first program lasted for a couple of years, the second program with Dr. John Jolley I quit after 8 months since I was so sick I could not get of bed. I never saw the Doctor thru the whole 8 months only a administrator. It was pure hell and I ended up adjusting the dosage myself to be able to endure it..

I was told by VA Hospital were I was being treated that there was no more that they could do. I have been at a loss as to where to turn since all Doctors have said to go back on interferon.

I have been working with a Tibetan Doctor, Dr. Dickey Nyerongsha, Nyerongsha Instittue for Tibetan Medicine. She has been prescribing an Herbal prescription for me. Please send me information regarding your products. I will consult with Dr. Nyeronsha as to compatibility. My next appointment is the first week of May in Berkeley, CA.

I have been going thru severe depression and anger at the whole system. Any advise would be greatly apprciated.

Mahalo for the great book.

B. C.