I Did the Interferon Thing in 1997


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I recently read your book and was impressed with your struggle and achievements, not to mention your sense of humor and your honesty. I would like to thank you for your determination and your compassion for all who share this disease.

I have had HCV for probably 30 years or so. I did the interferon thing in 1997 and quit the treatment after about 9 months because by RNA count went back up.

Recently I had another liver biopsy and now I am grade 3, stage 3 (type 1) RNA approx. 11 million, ALT 51, AST 45. my doctors suggested the new interferon treatment, (of course) it didn't work then and I see no reason that it would work this time either.

I am interested in the alternative approach that you talk about in your book. I want to order some of the Natcell products and would like your input as to which ones would be the best. obviously, the TLM mix is the most economical, but is it the most effective?

thank you,
michel g.

Thu, 9 Jun 2005 11:48:51 -0700