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Mr. Wright,

I have read your site concerning the lawsuit against Schering-Plough. My confusion is to what extent the suit will assist the victims of this dreaded drug. PegIntron has been nothing but a nightmare for my Husband, Cecil Y. and I. He was diagnosed with Hep. C , geno type 2 in Aug. 2001. Schering-Plough donated PegIntron / Rebatol combo meds that were started Jan. 11,2002 and ended May 15,2002. He suffered horrendous side effects that weren’t even noted by the manufacturer Schering-Plough. We were told time after time by his personal physician and the Be In Charge nurses, his physical and mental symptoms were not related to the medication. Of course, now in 2004 the side effects he suffered are being listed.

Long story short... The major affect Cecil suffered, severe psychosis, no anti-depressants, hydrocodone, pain killers, muscle relaxers or sleeping agents worked. Bedridden, in a zombie state, he couldn't work (a self-employed artistic painter); had 2 vehicles reposessed and filed Chapter 7. He has never been the same mentally, can't concentrate or verbalize clearly, talks in circles and never reaches the point, stays in the fog, unorganized, agitated, frustrated and speaking to the public is out of the question, ie. potential cleints.

The physician has never been able to stabilize him on medications. 5 months of treatment awoke his previous narcotic addiction, sober for 8 years, he began taking the left over scripts and escalated back to his addiction by Feb. 03.2003. For 8 months, meeting after meeting NA/CA starting the process for sobriety over, finally strung out on Crack Cocaine he attempted a bank robbery (10-01-04) in S.C. being a TN. resident. He's now incarcerated and doesn't have any memory of how he got there and very little of what took place.

All we wanted was for Cecil to get better, to kill the Hep. C virus. This insanity created by PegIntron combo meds. was never mentioned. The Hep. C virus was not detectable as of Nov. 2002, but the irreversible damage to his mind was!

I've been pleading for assistance, apparently in all the wrong areas. Will you please help me find the proper defense for Cecil? He's a wonderful man being thrown away in a system where he doesn't belong. This is a really sad story...

With Sincere Respect,
Mrs. BK Young