Please help if you can
Mon, 28 Nov 2005 11:37:03 -0800


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Please help if you can

took interferon and went crazy and got two felonies and spent two years in prison because of what it did too me.The charges were threats against a cop and battery against a cop.Afer trying to kill myself many times.Cops were crooked and liars.But either way i was not in control and don't beleive these should be on my was in 1996 it happened and it has effected every aspect of my life.Is there anyway to take this back too court?It happened in california.It all happened as a direct cause of taking that drug and thinking I was going crazy.and not knowing what was wrong.Please help if you can.They the public defenders office says nothing can be done to long ago.And I'm not serving time. sincerly thank you for your time.A nightmare that cause bi polar condition been treated for it every since.