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Dear Lloyd,

Today I received the results of my most recent blood test concerning my viral load count for my hepatitis c problem.

Test taken 3/31/2005:
HCV QuantaSure Plus (serial)
Hepatitis C Quantitation 839,010 iu/ml

That's down more than 80% from my test taken 2/16/2005 which was greater than 5,000,000

I started your program only 2 months ago. I am extremely excited at my seeming miraculous response to your alternative approach to fighting this disease. But I haven't thrown a party yet because in your last e-mail you said the viral load count can fluctuate to extremes for up to two years after your last dose of peg-interferon.

Considering that, my question is, what can I expect from this point on??? It would sure be nice if the viral load number continued spiraling down into nothing. Too much to hope for??? I'm certain no one can really know what this disease is going to do in any one person. I'm just wondering if you may have any data for what generally happens in a case such as mine???

I agree "you cannot write Shakespear in a dirty house" so I've been cleaning house in all other areas of my life as well. I've gone back to my church for the first time in 20 years, where I've been pursuing spiritual health as well for almost a year now (with some awesome results).

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your tremendous contribution to mankind by getting the message out about what's really behind interferon (big bucks for the pharmaceutical companies) and the real solution for hepatitus C.
Thanks Lloyd,
Coy H.

Hi Coy:

What I see is that after peg intron, the viral load goes up, it is rare to see it go down, especially that much.

I hope it stays on its current trend.

Thank you for letting me know about your great success! I am looking forward to some more good news.

Thank you