Sherring Pharmacuticals, PEG-Intron, and Rebetol


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Mr. Wright:

I recently came upon this website after I did a search on interferon.  I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C type 2B, in July of 2003. I had a count of 27,000,000. I determined I had contracted it 20 years prior, through a blood transfusion.

My doctor started me on Sherring Pharmacuticals, PEG-Intron, and Rebetol. I took an injection once a week and six capsules a day. It was, as I am sure you know, horrible, hair loss, vomiting, diarrhea, facial rash, fever, chills, aching bones, muscle cramps, itching, terrible taste in the mouth, insomnia, not to mention, lethargy, and the terrible depression that goes with it, upon seeing ones self go from a productive individual to a sickly blob.

After three months of hell, my count was at a mere 10. At six months it was negative. Six months after completing six months of treatment, it has soared back up to 180,000.

My doctor now wants me to take twelve months of Pegasus (by Roche) Interferon, and Rebetol.

I was laid off by my former employer of twelve years (WALMART) because of my inability to work due to my illness. So now I have no insurance, and I am having to try to get medicines through the drug company itself.

I am very interested in your treatments, and I would like some information on your experience. I am sure that you are quite busy, but would appreciate any information that you could offer on the subject.

Thank you for your time,
Robin E.