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A personal story and thank you

My husband found out that he had Hepatitis C after donating blood a few years ago. He was given two options by the doctors -

1) get on a transplant list

2) start the interferon treatment.

He was put on the treatment for roughly 80 weeks. About halfway through his treatment we began dating & moved in together after years of friendship.

I watched the treatment almost kill him. He couldn't function in any sense. It was similar to a severe case of the flu expect that it lasted for a year and a half and included psychiatric problems. It was horrific!

Then two months before he was supposed to be finished with the treatment there was a screw up at his company with the medical insurance policies. His coverage was suspended for two weeks. When everything got fixed and we got our insurance back, BlueCross BlueShield said that the Hepatitis was a pre existing condition and would not be covered for at least eighteen months.

We are almost at that eighteen month mark and hopefully when he goes in for the blood work it will show he is still in remission. Until then we don't know if the treatment even did any lasting good. What we do know is that it has done some permanent damage!

He stopped the treatment in September of 2003. He still has depression and irritability problems. He has dyspnea. He has diarrhea and stomach pains everyday. We both realize it is from the medicine. He refuses to go to the doctor until the pre-existing term ends because he wants to go back to a specialist.

A few months back I realized I could not force him to go to the doctor and decided to take matters into my own hands as much as possible. I thought at first he might still be having problems because of metal toxicity. While on the treatment he could not go through a metal detector without setting it off. The guards would use their handheld metal detectors, but my husband would set it off wherever they moved it over his body. I started researching the treatment online to see what kind of metal was in interferon (to no avail).

Everything I found about interferon said that the side effects were mild flu like symptoms, nothing like what my husband experienced. I could not understand it. I knew the treatment made him extremely sick, so why were all the websites saying there weren't serious side effects?

Then I found the HepCSolutions website. I had never realized there were two forms of interferon. Thank you for posting the information for others to find and use!

A. W.
Murfreesboro, TN