Viral Load After Stopping Treatment
Sunday, September 18, 2005 6:36 PM


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Hi Lloyd

When I first started Sherring Plough's combination peg intron for genotype 1 my viral load was 600,000/ml.. This was after being deemed to have Hep C for 20 years. After 6 mos of living hell and not responding, my viral load was 100,000.

Now in three years I've gone from 100,000 to 41 million! This isn't an arithemetic increase, it's exponential! In three years I've gotten worse than I did in 20!

It's as if the drugs damaged whatever immune response I had to the virus. Are there other non-responders who have experienced this? Is there any study to monitor the long term impact after treatment? Are there any class action suits against Sherring Plough for making the disease worse? I know nexis is tough to prove but statistically the numbers may show there is a nexis.

Any thoughts you could provide would be helpful.