Living Pain Free
Sports Injury


Well, for myself, I don't really have any health issues, except getting old. I have found that the mesenchyme has helped enormously in recovery between hard workouts.

Actually, it is my opinion that the only reason I am now able to handle the intense training I have been doing is because of the mesenchyme, and now my joints, tendons etc. can take the load far better than the past few years. I seem to recover faster. So my goal is physical recovery. I want to get good again. And you can only do that through intense training and something that earmarks replenishing the cells that are needed. The mesenchyme seems to go wherever it is needed - muscles, ligaments, joints, etc. I like the idea of the adrenals, so if that is the cheapest way to do it, that's what I'll do.

I am also helping a dear friend of mine who doesn't have the money to do it. She has helped me enormously so I am returning the favor. She, too, is an athlete, but has no cartilage in her right knee and a mess in her left knee. Yet she insists on training for a marathon. Her adrenals are low, too. Gets migraines from time to time. I got her the pure mesenchyme on the first go-round, and the mesenchyme plus thymus, adrenals and shark cartilage the next time.

Sounds like we would both be better served with either the pure mesenchyme or the mesenchyme plus adrenals. I thought the shark cartilage would be good, but I haven't really noticed a difference. By the way, why is it important to not eat two hours before? I think the first time I did it (for a tendon injury), I don't think I paid much attention to that. I took it at night and I hate going to sleep on an empty feeling stomach.

Well, thanks for your help. It is also my opinion that if I do get "all the way back" - there are going to be a whole slew of aging jocks visiting your website as I will write an article about my journey back from injury. I am very thankful it is available. I know it sounds trivial, but intense training has been such a huge part of my life, that not being able to do it the past three years was really hard on me. Now, I am improving, getting stronger and I feel good. My attitude on everything has improved.

It's not hepatitis C, but it is my life. Let me know what you think about the two above scenarios and I'll take your advice.