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April 6 2006

Master Distribution Center for all CarTCell®, NatCell®
and other Atrium Specialty Products

Dear Customer,

We are proud to announce that with the collaboration of our 10 year partner, Alternative Medicine Solution, we have centralized our retail distribution operations in Malibu, CA.

Starting April 15th 2006, Mr. Lloyd Wright will be servicing your account, offering the same high quality frozen products as well as an extended product assortment in capsules, tablets and powders.

Mr Wright has an extensive experience with Atrium's frozen extracts.  He is actually very well known for his protocols on liver health and other conditions, has written a books on the matter and is often invited to lecture and speak on radio shows, TV shows and at Universities.

We are convinced that together with him, we will be able to help you grow your business. Mr. Wright should contact you shortly to evaluate how he can contribute to your success.

Atrium Biotechnologies and all subsidiaries will remain Mr Wright's dietary supplement providers and manufacturers. You can be assured to buy the same high quality standard dietary supplements.

To place an order after April 15th, please use the following contact information:

Phone Toll Free (877) 676-1615     ¨     FAX: (310) 457-9449

11077 Pacific View Rd.   ¨  Malibu, California   ¨   90265  ¨ 

If you have any question or would like more information on this matter, please contact us directly.

Yours truly,

Lyne Dubois, M.B.A.
Sales and marketing Director
Atrium Biotechnologies
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Lloyd is now the only person in the US that is authorized to stock:
Natcell Liver, Natcell CNS, Natcell Pancreas, Natcell Adrenal

CarTCell®  (Frozen)
Liquid Molecular Shark Cartilage Extracts
NatCell®  (Frozen)
Liquid Molecular Glandular Extracts
CarTCell Original®
(7 ml x 60 vials)
NatCell® Adrenal  
(7 ml x 8 vials)
CarTCell 30®
(30 ml x 30 vials)
NatCell® CF Support
(7 ml x 24 vials)
NatCell® CNS
(7 ml x 8 vials)
CarTCell NF®
(10 ml x 10 vials)
NatCell® CytoFactors
(7 ml x 24 vials)
NatCell® Thymus NF
(30 ml spray)
NatCell® FlexCell
(7 ml x 24 vials)
NatCell® ProCalm
(30 capsules)
NatCell® Liver
(7 ml x 8 vials)
NatCell® Mesenchyme
(7 ml x 8 vials)
NatCell® Pancreas
(7 ml x 8 vials)
NatCell® Remilyn
(7 ml x 24 vials)
NatCell® Thymus
(7 ml x 8 vials)
NatCell® Zepatix
(7 ml x 24 vials)

Atrium Biotechnologies primarly develops and markets products worldwide to meet the needs of the most demanding health and personal care industry leaders."

As the name suggests, Atrium is a meeting place where customers and partners are invited to express their needs so that we can provide long-lasting, cost-effective solutions. The Atrium team consists of experienced scientists (chemists, pharmacists, engineers, logisticians) and international trade experts whose role is to monitor changing customer needs and acquire technologies allowing them to better meet the requirements of global markets.

Atrium's Canadian team focuses on developing and marketing innovative cosmetic and nutritional ingredients that support the body's natural defense systems and functions by using state-of-the-art technologies.

Atrium Biotechnologies Inc. is a privately held subsidiary of Æterna Laboratories Inc. a Canadian biopharmaceutical company, dedicated to the development of new therapeutic approaches to cancer and other illnesses.