"Doctor's" Recommendation ... Interferon and Interferon / Ribaviron
Tuesday, May 02, 2006 9:53 AM

Hepatitis C

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Hi Lloyd,

I have a friend who just finished a year on Pegasys. She has also been on Interferon and Interferon/Ribaviron with no success. She said Pegasys was living hell. I asked her when she would know if the treatment worked (knowing full well that, most likely, the virus will come back and her time on the poison will be for nothing). She said that she was supposed to go back to the doctor in about 3 months and get tested.

I asked her what the doctor said she should do if Pegasys didn't work. She said that her doctor says that now medical professionals are recommending that people who have no success with Pegasys go back on regular Interferon as a "maintenance" program. She really didn't like hearing that and said she does not want to go on Interferon for the rest of her life. I have tried to talk to her about how this treatment is worse than the disease but she is, like many others, of the mindset that doctors really care about her health and actually know what they are doing. I fear that she will end up on Interferon long-term which can only cause her serious harm.

Can you believe that doctors are recommending this?

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Hi Kim:

I have been hearing this allot lately. It is a new plan to keep the money coming. If your friend is a geno type 1, 1A, 1B interferon is never going to work.

Nutrition is the key in treating hepatitis C! Unfortunately, nothing works very well after time released interferon for usually about 2 years as the poison damages the immune system, the pancreas and damages the Brain on the first shot.

Pegasys is the same item as schering's peg intron, different company. I can direct this person so that they can live with hep c with little or no side effects except those encountered from interferons in most cases.

This is very disturbing what these so called doctors are doing. I am confounded by it and am near the end trying to change the world.


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