Trying to Kill Virus Before Transplant
Monday, October 09, 2006 4:05 PM

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Dear Lloyd,

I have had hep c for about eight years - tried interferon. I was on the original study but had too many psychiatric problems - anxiety and neutrotic behavior so they finally took me off.

But the worst of the worst is I found out my son has it thru birth (he is now seventeen). We are now at Columbia Pres. Hospital in NYC he is on a liver transplant list. They just put him on interferon again and are going to slowly up the dose. Trying to kill virus before transplant

- I do not want him to go thru transplant. I cannot take him off treatment AS YET SO CAN I START YOUR TREATMENT WITH THE THYMUS AND EVERYTHING ELSE i CAN AFFORD NOT SURE WHAT YET and do your treament also -- has anyone been on your treatment and interferon and ribavirin too.

PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR OPINION- NEED TO HELP HIM. I don't believe in interferon treatment, but cannot take him off AS YET - I would be accused of not helping him. Please Advise. I know you are not a doctor and this your opinion and experience etc.


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