Interferon Damages Sex Ability
Friday, October 20, 2006 12:52 AM

Hepatitis C

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Hope you remember me. I am Abbas from Iran.

First I want appologize you,because last time I had a unresanable request from you. I wanted from you your bank account number, but afterward when I thought about it, I found that it was not good request. But I just wanted it from you because money oder from Iran to USA is forbiden. I wand to send money with 1 of european banks in Iran.

Lloys right now I am 13 months post tx.aome of side effects have been recoverd but some of them still exist.specialy sexual dysfunction (low sperm amount,low libidio).low energy,depresion,anxiety... Last time you told me that I must try to get ride of toxins from my brain, but I wonder if toxnins is still in my brain after this long time. Lloyd realy interferon ruiened my best younghood years.Now,the situation of health that I had pre tx,is a dream for me.

As your advise I done ferettin test, last week I got result, it was high.your guess was right. you are very perfect, thank you. Thank you for your infiormative websites against interferon. However sme people say smething against you in hcv buletin boards,but you continue your right are in a right way. Interfeon realy damaging peopels.

These days life going hard for me.

I will be happy if you put my email on your website.

with best regards,
23 years old,

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