Interferon Suicide Posting
Monday, August 28, 2006 7:38 PM

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Hello there,

I was unsure how to make a posting on your website in relation to interferon. I am just starting to do some research into this medicine and your websites have been very helpful.

I had a male friend, age 38 whom recently completed a 6 month course of Interferon for the treatment of Hep C. He was looking forward to coming off the medication as he did not like the side effects - depression being one of them. He was then told he needed to do a further 6 months of treatment.

He then went missing for almost 2 weeks until his body was finally washed up. He had committed suicide. This was very out of character. We all knew that he had been down and depressed but had no idea he was low enough to commit suicide.

It was a very tragic and sad end to a young mans life. He has left behind a wife and son.

I can not say for sure if it was this medication that caused this or if there was something else going on. It certainly seems to have coincided with this medication though. After reading all of the posts on your website and the research you have done, I can't say that I would recommend this medication to anyone!!!!!!!!!

Mel M

Read this, the biggest study done on interferon:

If you read the entire thing you will see that the FDA does not care if the drug is safe.
All they care about is that it is for sale.

It causes many more suicides than anyone is going to say or report, 3.5 billion in sales a year.

They do not care about human life, they care about money.

That is a fact that people who have been brain washed by the media, owned by Big Pharma, are just not ready to believe.

In good health

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