Is Hep C Contagious?
Thursday, April 06, 2006 4:00 PM

Hepatitis C

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Hi lloyd,

Not sure if you remember me, but about 5 years back I found you on the computer because I had just been turned down from a life insurance company for having Hep C, but went to my doctor and was told I didn't need a test, based on my appearance and liver. (Figured I had it, but too chicken to push to get tested). Well, it is now years later and I still was not feeling up to snuff, so I finally had my blood drawn and it came back positive the other day, with the viral load of 336,000.

My questions are these: Had a full hysterectomy many years ago and my body is low on testosterone. I can't seem to keep my muscle tone from exercise. Is there anything on your site that would be OK to take that keeps muscle and testosterone levels in the body?

I ordered your kit #1 a couple days ago along with adrenal glandular, calcium and aloe vera. Figure I would start out small. as my body is extremely sensitive to herbs and vitamins. I did not order your b complex, as it is in capsule form and not sure if I could take just a part of it or not. Noticed your adrenal is capsule form too, can that be split up?

When my doctor called me with the news the other day, she told me my viral load was extremely high, it's supposed to be down to 10 and wants me in for a liver ultra sound. She seems to be panicking about it. Spoke with your office and they told me other people are in the millions. Based on my viral load, do I need to be taking anything additional right now or will the things that I ordered be a good start and is an ultra sound important right now? Is Hep C contagious though sex, not washing hands, etc? Do you have any new books out with info on what to eat and what to avoid?

Also, I plan on having my blood taken, so I can monitor my progress. Is once a month good? I also want to thank you for your information and products. Had I not known about you prior to my phone call from the doctor, I wouldve fallen apart.. But, I'm confident that I can beat this thing, as you have everything I need to do it with. Thank God for you.

Thanks so much,

Hi Dorri:

Your viral load is extremely low. The average viral load of my beginning clients is between 3 million and 18 million.

Please read This Link so you know why your doctor says it is high:

Interferon is the treatment of fear. The doctor try's to scare you into using the drug at some point so they and there group can split up the $ 10.000.00 they get from the drug company.

They will tell you that you have to get the hepatitis A & B vaccine.

DO NOT TAKE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IF YOU HAVE STARTED THEM, STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the tactics the medical profession uses is to give you the vaccines, which raises the viral load, you come back a few month later, it is in the millions and they tell you that you are going to die unless you start interferon right away. I hear this so much that I am becoming sick. I am beginning to hate America as they are promoting profit making any way they can including killing us and at this point, it is time to turn against the status quo and rebel as in civil disobedience. Then when you are seriously damaged by interferon they tell you that it is the hepatitis c or that they just do not know what is wrong with you. This happens every single day of my life and I am sick of it. What goes on here is not acceptable human behavior.

After the hepatitis A & B vaccines, one will have a high viral load, usually about 10.000.000 or more for 9 months to a year before the viral load starts to come back down.

After having a hysterectomy, it takes longer to heal. Most people who have had this procedure will not get to non detected but can have normal ast and alt, live symptom free and die from natural causes.

Be ware of hormone replacement products. They can and will raise your ferritin level which will raise the ast and alt.

You need to get a ferritin test every 6 months. Your doctor may disagree as lowering this one item can remove all symptoms and most of the damage that hep c causes.

You can get blood tests when you like but every six months is fine. When people get into once a month they often become obsessed with there liver and it is not healthy. Enjoy Life!

Hep c is not a STD !!!

Please read these studies:

You should get a Alpha Feto Protein test and a ultra sound of the liver and gallbladder once a year to check for primary liver cancer. If you ever get this diagnoses, do not have a biopsy, call me. The biopsy will lead to death every single time.

I have been completely successful with primary liver cancer every time if there is no biopsy.

You can empty out some of the capsules if you would like to take less.

In good health

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