Maintaining Undetected Status
Friday, January 20, 2006 8:36 AM

Hepatitis C

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I first found I had Hepatitis C in December of 2004 and decided not to take the combo treatment that would last 24 months, especially when the doctor cautioned me that even this probably would not work. I had genotype 1b and my viral count was in the millions.

I started your program after moving sometime in July 2005. Rencently, on Jan 15, I had a severe gall bladder attack and I thought I was dying from Hepatitis C.

The emergency room did tests and said that all my numbers were normal and not even slightly elevated. They also said that my liver was healthy and my problem was gallbladder disease.

I am so very grateful for all the services you and your staff has provided me. Thank you and bless each and every one of you. Do you have any advice on how to keep these wonderful numbers. I am going back to a GI doctor for testing, but I still want to be advised on maintenance. What treatment should I now be under to continue this success? I hope you can point me in a direction.


Hi Marilyn:

This is really GREAT!

I want to thank you for letting me know about this, so many get better and never bother to tell me.

First, I like people to keep doing what they are doing for 3 months after they are well as HCV is very small and the tests are not that good.

Milk thistle
Lipoic acid
That is a minium Maintence and it can help.
Keep getting tested every so often.

What did they do about your gallstones?

In good health

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