A Nurse, Went on Peg Intron for 12 Months
Mon, 23 Jan 2006 11:24:59 -0800
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One of my new clients, Betty H. a nurse, went on peg intron for 12 months.

She has an autoimmune problem that causes her body to destroy platelets. She also had diabetes.

Needles to say, all of these things are worse now, she has been disabled for life, is unable to function in society. Before Peg Intron, she was capable of working and functioning in life.

No doctor in his/her right mind would have ever prescribed interferon to this person.

Betty did clear the virus for a short time but it returned.

My lack of faith in humanity is being destroyed every single day as I read and listen to outrageous stories like this one. My days are full of horror stories all propagated by Medical Doctors. These doctors can not be this stupid or unknowing so I can reach no other conclusion other than to be convinced their actions are out of GREED!

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