Post Tx w/ Interferon
Thursday, March 23, 2006 6:58 AM

Hepatitis C

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Mr. Wright,

My name is Wm M . and I began Interferon / Ribavirin treatment for hepatitus C in December of 2003 and finished in December of 2004. Before treatment my Doctor discussed with me the possible side effects during treatment and my wife and I decided that I should move forward. The treatment side effects were substantial and after 3 months I had to go on disability. Lost 40 pounds, and looked like the walking dead. However, after the treatment I was virus free and remain that way today.

About 2 months ago I began to experience numbness in my hands, joint pain and an overall exhausted feeling. Please know that I generally do not complain about minor pain. I have completed 4 Ironman triathlons and have averaged about 40 miles a week running for the last 2 decades (except during treatment). I am seeing a neurologist about the problem I am experiencing and he believes it is the result of interferon therapy. He has diagnosed me with neuropathy and wants to treat this condition with predisone which also have side effects. I have been off work now for almost three weeks. I am basically at a cross roads and am very confused at what I should do.

I found you site and it appears you are very informed about this subject. Can you point me in the right direction for assistance, and or information that would help me.

Your time is greatly appreciated.

Wm M.

Hi Wm M.:

I am sorry you had to go thru this. I am happy that you are virus free!

I urge you not to use prednisone. I have used this steroid and it took nearly a year to get over the extreme side effects. The doctor that gave it to me said it would have no side effects. This drug causes serious damage to the adrenal glands. I am quite sure your adrenal glands have already been damaged by hep c and interferon. Doing more damage to them is not the answer.
I suggest going to a good chiropractor and have him/her work on this from a different standpoint.

Get a ferritin test. Often this fatigue can be the result of high ferritin level.

Try some of my Power Solution ( 50% adrenal, 50% Mesenchyme). It use to be called Chronic Fatigue Solution, helps your body rebuild the adrenal gland. Body builders have been the largest number of purchasers. Works great on the adrenals.

Mesenchyme may also help. Mesenchyme is a undefferienated cell. It is a stem cell of types. It takes some time to work.

Another item which may do some good is called CNS. It is Central Nervous System. These items are frozen to keep them alive and in your body, they communicate and can cause healing when none was possible with other items.

I provide these items to many doctors who use them for many conditions that other doctors would use useless drugs which cause more damage.

Glandular therapy works very well to repair many types of damage.

I am happy to explain this more if you would like to call. 877 676 1615

In good health

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