Interferon Survival Stories 2006
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Avonex Interferon - R/A MS
I Squirted the Interferon Down the Sink
Foundation for the Study of Viral Hepatitis
Program 1 -vs- Peg-Interferon and Ribavirin
Had to Quit My Job
Symptoms of Sjogrens
Vision Problems on Interferon
After 33 Injections I Get a Letter
Interferon Nightmare
Interferon Lawsuit
Pegasys Warnings on their Own New Site
Interferon Damages Sex Ability
Permanent Brain Stem Damage & Hippocampus Damage
Trying to Kill the Hepatitis C Virus Before Transplant
HCV Can Lead to Diabetes
Unusual Low Dose Side Effects
About the Hep C Law Suit
Interferon Suicide Posting
Constant Muscles Aches and Fatigue
Stopped Interferon After 2 Weeks
My Husband is Taking Interferon & Ribavirin
Black Outs and Respiratory Failure
Long Term Side Effects
His Face Became Paralyzed Yesterday
Interferon and Medical Marijuana
Pegasus Interferon Treatment & Graves Disease
Interferon Psychosis
HCV Therapy History Leads to Lawsuit
1A genotype
18 Weeks of Inteferon / Riba Treatment
Joe got the Liver with a side of Peg Interferon
Interferon by Injection for 18 Months
Hep C and Interferon After Effects
"Doctor's" Recommendation
Hepatitis C for at Least 25 Years
Interferon, I Might as Well be Dead!
Treatment after Peg-Interferon Alpha
Insulin Dependent and Getting Worse
Severe Staff Infection
Interferon Reaction
Post Tx w/ Interferon


Following the Hepatitis C Treatment
Interferon the Silent Killer
Post Treatment Side Effects
Alpha Interferon
My Numbers Weren't Improving

A Nurse, Went on Peg Intron for 12 Months

Class Action Law Suit
Please help if you can
Interferon Case Building
Interferon Worse Than Special Forces Training

Harassed by Interferon

Husbands Interferon Treatment
Stupor - Like Sleep
Side Effects
respond to increased viral loads
hep c veteran - 1 IN A MILLION KID
Viral Load After Stopping Treatment
Bad Side Effect of PEG-Interferon
Your Only Shot is Interferon and Copegusis
Still Testing Positive for Hep C
Treatment for HCV and Lawsuit
The Wonderful World of Pegasys
Need to Vent About a Guinea Pig
Interferon Silent Killer
Died on Interferon Roche Laboratories Pegylated Interferon
I Took That Crap I Almost Died
Interferon Side Effects - Smell
I Was on Peg Intron
Pegasys Detroyed My Life
I Did the Interferon Thing in 1997
Interferon Patient 068
Interferon's Latest Victim
Interferon Law Suits
Having Intercourse?

Interferon Problems

Interferon Treatment
Re: Promising Results!
Thanks to That f______ Rebetron and Pegetron
Interferon, Never Been the Same
More Complaints and Problems with Interferon Treatment
Interferon Survivor
The Treatment Made Him Extremely Sick
I squirted the Interferon down the sink, stopped the Ribavarin and called my Dr to tell him he could keep his poison.
Interferon Nightmare
The Last Painting by Cecil Young, Victim of Peg Intron!
Nervous wreck
Cecil Young Visitation
Inferon Subscribers
Sherring Pharmacuticals, PEG-Intron, and Rebetol
We Can Live Normal Lives
Interferon caused Parkinson's Disease
Cecil Young Needs a Lawyer
My Son Took Interferon for Hepatitis C
Another Interferon Story!
Called a few years ago and did not listen!
Peg Intron Victim Cecil Young
Another Person Who Did Not Consider Their OPTIONS!