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I contracted Hepatitis C in 1979 from 4 blood transfusions

A liver biopsy in 1994 revealed Chronic Hepatitis C. After Cancer, Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy and now Hep C, my liver was in bad shape. The medical establishment advised me to get my papers in order and expect to live another 3 to 5 years, and hope that something would come along to help.

18 years later, I have been virus free for 16 years, with no detectable virus.

Here you will find correspondences and findings about Hepatitis C treatment, trials and natural health.

Lloyd Wright on The Jeff Farias Show

Author Lloyd Wright will be on The Jeff Farias Show

Health Radio Net: Archives

Lloyd as Michael's guest on Health Radio Net

This one was Recorded 3-29-07
Listen Here

Contact Radio: Archives

live online @ KKNW, 1150 on the AM band

This one was recorded 3-5-07
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Deborah Bodine Radio Interview

from 9-26-07

"Personal Growth Programming for the Bay Area"
KEST, AM 1450
San Francisco, CA
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