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About the Affordable Healthcare Act and Pre Existing Conditions

Based on Lloyd's findings when attempting to check out health plans compliant with the ACA I tried to verify these statements but could not recreate the the answers given to find these statements that Lloyd DID find while attempting to comply.  Personally, I found the the plans and the laws to be so complicated and variable that I don't understand how anyone can make an informed decision based on the information provided by or any of the other health insurance corporate welfare recipients claiming to care for patients with the tools provided.  You may want to track changes with ObamacareWatch but I did not find many answers in their info either.

To find these disclosures Lloyd was looking at the first 2014 ACA compliant blue cross plan. It said it does not cover prescription drugs so you have to buy the additional plan at the bottom for an additional 107 a month. Then if you click on pre-existing info you find the statements below.  I could not recreate this.  I could not determine my monthly out of pocket expense for the "mandatory" health coverage.  I could not understand how the government expects people at the poverty level to pay Anything out of pocket for health coverage that they are being "forced" to purchase.  You can't squeeze blood from a stone, hopefully this won't turn into an excuse to put stones in prison for not having blood.  These laws seem to be a huge financial boon to health insurance companies and have little to no positive impact on people who actually need an Affordable healthCare Act.

First you were told that you would not lose your insurance or your doctor but now the definition of what is covered as far as “Pre-existing conditions” turns out to leave out prescription drugs for hepatitis C unless your very first diagnosis ever was made 90 days after coverage started.

Pre-existing conditions limitation
A pre-existing condition is not eligible for benefits unless the first-ever diagnosis occurs after the pre-existing condition limitation period has expired. We will not pay benefits for specified diseases that are, result from or are related to a pre-existing condition diagnosed within the first 12 months this plan is in force.

Definition of pre-existing condition (varies by state)

A specified disease:
1. For which medical advice, consultation, care or treatment was sought, received or recommended from a provider or prescription drugs were prescribed during the 24-month period immediately prior to the covered person’s effective date, regardless of whether the condition was diagnosed, misdiagnosed or not diagnosed; or

2. That produced signs or symptoms during the 24-month period immediately prior to the covered person’s effective date.  The signs or symptoms were significant enough to establish manifestation or onset by one of the following tests:
• The signs or symptoms reasonably should have allowed or would have allowed one knowledgeable in medicine to diagnose the condition;
• The signs or symptoms reasonably should have caused or would have caused an ordinarily prudent person to seek diagnosis or tr eatment.

A pre existing condition is something you may have for 24 months and are not diagnosed with it for 90 days after purchasing this plan.