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I was Undetected from Week 2 to 12 on Solvaldi

From: Jay
Sent: Monday, October 06, 2014 10:19 PM
To: lloyd
Subject: Sovaldi

Okay - I was undetected from week 2 to 12 on the solvaldi / rib / interferon

It came back the minute I got off it.

I now have cirrhosis 16 on fibroscan.

You'll be hearing from me with new order - I did not use the teas or caps on treatment so I have enough for now.


Hello Jay

Today, I get about one email every day or so from someone who says the same thing or something similar.

Got one yesterday from a man in Florida who spent his own money, $ 31000.00 a month for 3 months and one month was 57.000.00 as it made his platelets drop dramatically and they had to put him on more drugs, also, he now has crippling headaches all the time.

It seems that most people who have used Pegasus or peg intron do relapse the most and almost everyone with any stage of cirrhosis either relapse or is compromised seriously by the treatment.

They sure make it sound good in advertisements and in the media.

I am very sorry the new drug did not work.

In health,