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I was diagnosed with "No virus detected" after 32 days on Sovaldi

Hello again Lloyd,
 BTW...I am having big time trouble
with my neuropathy...I've had capillaries break in both  eyes several times in the last few weeks. This has never  happened prior to Solvadi. ....Yesterday afternoon I was  lying down reading and got big lightning bolt shot in my  heart followed by a hot flash down my left arm...I saw stars  and even think I may have passed out for a second or two...MAJOR stabbing stuff everywhere kept me up all night...One even in my dick...Yeow!!!

I was diagnosed with "No virus detected" after 32 days on Solvadi ...I'm on day 54  and had a CBC with viral load test today. I'm thinking  if I come back with the same negative results, I may  discontinue with the Solvadi ...Have you ever known anyone who dropped the protocol and stayed free of the  virus?  I'm hoping to live over 100 years  and you are one of my pallbearers...

Hello P,
I have some clients who drop out and several who have relapsed as soon as they stopped treatment.

Almost all of them are people who used Peg Intron or Pegasus and people who have cirrhosis.

As far as neuropathy I have two clients who have used Sovaldi with a long history of neuropathy and both of them breezed thru treatment with no problems but both of them have never used interferon and neither of them have any cirrhosis. Both of them have been using my protocol for years and are very healthy.
Some of my other clients are having extreme difficulty after being clear.
Some have developed Pancreatitis, cancers, eyesight damage, a spacey feeling, sort of like brain fog to the extreme.
So far people who report negative side effects do not seem to show any sign of recovery.

So far, I see only a small amount of published information on side effects of Sovaldi. I suspect that may change over time.
Here is a link to some interesting information.

I have one client who spent his own money on this, $ 37.000 a month for 3 months and $ 57.000.00 the 4th month and he relapsed as soon as he stopped.  He is mighty darn mad as one might expect.

In health,