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I was on pegintron alfa 2b

From: Brent
Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2013 4:39 PM
Subject: PEG INTRON Alfa 2B

I was on pegintron alfa 2b back in  Jan. 2002, started post problems shortly afterwords . Became so bad could not work an 8 hour day back in 2006 . I have been watching some of the interviews you have on youtube WOW , by the interest from Attorneys on this matter I thought I was the only one having these medical problems and gave up looking years to date can't hardly walk anymore most days .

I was so amazed in the interviews you did with the gentalman in Colorado , we could be twins in this medical mess . I keep telling my wife my loss of memory is just old age when I know it's from that poison they put in me years ago . I wish that I would have never gone on that drug.

I did not have any symptoms from Hep-C . I can say I worked 50 - 84 hours a week  prior to the drug to for at least 3 years forced myself to do an 8 hour day , thats with a nap at lunch .  Now after all these years I am seeing that I am not the only person that had these medical issues , and all the bullshit from the doctors were more than likely told to me just so they would not be pulled into a law suite against their God Fathers the drug manufactures .

I do have a law firm in Texas that is statring some sort of suite , but then again may drop it like the others . I could be nasty and think they took some sort of finacial gain from droping the suites, but that would be just down right mean :-)  .  I hope you do read this I know you must have many that write to you , but maybe not so many that was on the first poison Alfa 2B  with that RIB pink crap....  I would love to talk to you if you ever found the time to see at this point is there any hope  for health, . my #

 My name is Brent  now 56 yrs of age