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Just got my blood test back


Just got my blood test back and

my AST dropped from 136 to 96
and my ALT dropped from 61 to 45. 

My Iron, Serum went from 272 to 184. 

I have been taking IP6 for 30 days and took your V.E.P 2 program. 


On Friday, May 23, 2014 11:22 AM, Lloyd Wright wrote:

Hello Robert,

When iron and or ferritin are high they will raise the ast and alt.

The only effective way to lower iron is therapeutic phlebotomy. Most doctors will not do them as they have no idea of the tremendous benefits.

Hematologists are more likely to do them than gastro.

Also most naturopaths will do them.

You can take IP6 as it does help lower iron and ferritin but it is slow and not nearly as effective as phlebotomies.


In health,