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Mainstream Media's War on Supplements

Are you ready to make a doctors appointment to get a prescription for vitamins?

Take a look at this chronology of coverage in the New York Times it is representative of the news industries part in the demonizing of natural alternative medicines, vitamins and herbal remedies.  Follow this Link and you will find by their own admission a long string of anti-alternative reporting from the New York Times.  Each articles listed has a little "MORE" link after the blurb to see just how targeted their reporting is just click a few of those. 

This type of conditioning is being disseminated at a increasing rate by mainstream news companies that are almost entirely owned by the same companies marketing prescription drugs and we need to counter these claims as often and as early as possible before these false meme's being sponsored by drug companies get any traction in the general population.  The ultimate goal/danger of this type of thinking would be the implementation of the UN's Codex Alimentarius policy which would require the WORLD to regulate all vitamins, and supplements as Prescription Drugs. 

Sounds crazy doesn't it.  Tell us about it in the comments section.