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Naringenin for Polycystic Kidney Disease



Your Question for Lloyd

Hi Lloyd. I've been taking Naringenin for quite some time as you can see from my order history. My mom has Polycystic Kidney Disease and was transplanted at 75 in Spain. Mom and Dad have lived in Spain since the early 70's. Anyway, I was diagnosed with PKD about two years ago. I found an article about Naringenin & PDK from some research done back in 2014 in England. My GFR is still about 73 and my last ultrasound said "no change" which was encouraging. Just curious if you anything about any other people taking this and if it's working for them?
The Naringenin seems to be holding PKD in check at least and just wish I had drunk/eaten a lot more grapefruit in the past. It has also helped me feel better on a lot of other fronts as well that I can't really put my finger on how, but just feel better. I have been on Lisinopril for about 5 years and it controlled my bp, but it wasn't until Naringenin that everything seemed to start working better. Anyway, just thought I'd reach out and see if you know anything about Naringenin and PKD. Thanks & Happy 2017!

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