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New Features Available at Alternative Medicine Solution

We are currently upgrading our website at and we realize that you may need to register a new account and you'll need to learn all the new navigation features of the new site but we hope your shopping experience will be better for making these changes in the long run.  And to make up for throwing all this Change at you we hope these new shopping features will help.

The Wishlist
You can now create your own AMS wishlist and share it with anybody.

The Gift Certificate
Give the gift of health for any occassion

Cheaper Shipping
Now multiple boxes of frozen Natcell products will be shipped for the price of 1!
We've also lowered the shipping rate of small orders by a few dollars!
All with the same fast service

Spend $250 on Non Discounted Products
and get 4% off your order with the Coupon Code "4PERCENT"

Shop With Us on Facebook

Spend $1,200 total (excluding cases of Aloe)
and get FREE SHIPPING with the Coupon Code "FREEover1200"


And Now You Can Shop Right There
From the Comfort of your Facebook Page!


CALL US (877) 676-1615 anytime
to tell us what you like or don't like about the new site upgrade!