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Solvaldi / Ribivarin Progress Report and Questions

From: Marian
Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2014 12:45 PM
To: Lloyd Wright
Subject: Progress Report and Questions

Hi Lloyd,

Hope all is going well for you all in Arizona, it sure is hot here right now.

Yesterday I started week (4) of solvaldi/ribivarin 400/600 mg. and a few questions.

First I am non detected and my blood work is not much different from what I sent you last time. Will do more bloodwork on Friday.

I have some of the usual side effects like depression, rash, tired, very dry skin and constipation but I guess this new  issue  started around the 3rd of may and I have pain on the left upper abdomin radiating to the right or it can be on the right upper abdomin. Tried Zantac thinking my stomach but then I read you can develope pancreatitis. I have lots if gurggling bloating etc. 

You know alot about ribivarin and thought you might have some idea. 

I hope i am making myself clear as today is not a good day.

That ultrasound I had before starting treatment (believe you have a copy) showed possible gallstones. 

Also what supplements would be good to take. I am only taking b12 and folic acid based on what dr said. 

Oh and I found a fibroscan in LA now. $350.00 and do not need prescription. Do you still favor this test.