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Taking the Anti-Aging & Celergen combo for 6 days

This is a testimonial from a 75 year man who just started talking Lloyd’s NatCell Anti Aging and Celergen.

I must share this one with you guys.  I've only been taking the Anti-Aging, Celergen combo. for six days.  Even though I think I have a little edge on things re: my past, I was not expecting much noticeable reaction until a bit later.  I usually carry a file card and pencil with me and write down info after I use each machine.  I forgot them today.  I sat down at one machine and was listening to the radio, not paying attention.   At the end of the exercise, I looked down and discovered I had used the previous guys setting - which is more than I usually use.  I didn't notice the difference.  When I came home a while ago, I went to write down my workout in my daily log.  I usually take the information from my card - no card.  I wrote down all the information without needing anything but memory.  There was a little edge of "crispness" I noticed.  I didn't have to stop and "think" - it just all came flowing out.  SIX DAYS!!!!  
Best, T.