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They wanted to put me on Interferon with only a 50% chance of it working

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M Bee

Your Question for Lloyd

Hi Lloyd,
I believe I was diagnosed with Hep-C in 2010. My viral load count was 850,000. They wanted to put me on Interferon with only a 50% chance of it working. Well I went to work on the internet and found out how horrible the side effects were. I found you website from one of the posts. Well here we are in 2013 and I just got another test. My liver function #'s are normal (AST AND ALT). My viral load number is 597,000.

I received these tests from my primary doctor as I do not go the gastroenterologist. I would not do the liver biopsy the doctor wanted and so I was sent to another gastroenterologist and he actually ushered me out of his office and did not even want to accept my co-pay. I am so thankful for your book! I have not been diligent with my own treatment of Hep-C. I have been taking Milk Thistle and eating healthy and taking alot of other supplements as well. I felt reborn after I received my numbers. He says that even though my liver function numbers are normal. They were 45 and 50, that it is not a true reflection as some of the enzymes might have not shown up. At any rate, I'll take those numbers. I am totally on board with my own treatment now. Thank You for everything. I just wanted to share these numbers with you. I have not before this time, but I am happy to report the improvement.

Many thanks,
M Bee

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