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What About Harvoni?

I have observed several clients in trials with Sovaldi and ledipasvir.  Gilead combined the two and call it Harvoni.

Harvoni is a Sovaldi and Ledipasvir combo

The people setting up the trials went to great lengths to include only the healthiest people and exclude anyone who was not. Even anyone who may possibly have had negative feelings about the drug or negative feelings about life in general.

When they tested Harvoni in people with cirrhosis they chose the healthiest people with the best and brightest outlook on life.  I know this as I have observed this for a few years from my client base. I have their lab work, I talk with them on the phone and email with them
frequently so I have a broad picture of how this all works.

The drug works great with few side effects known at this time if one has not used Peg Intron or Pegasus or has serious cirrhosis. Vision impairment is the number one negative side effect that concerns me the most. When altering the Nucleotide in the DNA chain with an HCV nucleotide analog NS5B polymerase inhibitor (Sovaldi) some alterations can occur in the brain and DNA which potentially could change many things. People with perfect vision report that the content of what they see is diminished, when coming indoors it takes an hour or more before they adjust to difference in light and often see yellow spots on white surfaces. The reporting of this begins about 1/2 way thru treatment and continues. No one has reported to me that this condition goes away. This vision condition appears to be prevalent only in people with perfect or near perfect vision. Also driving at night after using this drug becomes a serious issue. I suspect that it occurs in others but due to their already impaired vision they perhaps miss this and most are so overjoyed with being non detected that they miss some issues that they may come to notice later. Other negative issues are pancreatitis, Gilead cites about 2.6% and can land you in intensive care for 3 months or more.  I see low platelets, low WBC, RBC, Low BUN and over time these numbers do not return to normal if one is in cirrhosis or if they used the various types of interferon, alpha 2B  without time release factor excluded. Many people complain about other issues that do not resolve after treatment is stopped. Serious headaches requiring drug therapy is about 15%, fatigue
and I mean serious fatigue is reported at 14%.

This link shows some of the people who drop out of treatment for variou reasons not reported in the trials:

"The clinical trial process is tightly controlled, has more intensive participant follow-up, and patients are generally more motivated."

I had one client who paid cash, his own money for 4 months of treatment, about $ 37.000.00 for 3 months and $ 57.000.00 for the 4th month and as soon as he stopped he relapsed. He had cirrhosis.  Talk about a man that is pissed off...

Overall Gilead's drug is terrific at curing the hepatitis C virus. But it seems to do nothing for the underlying conditions caused by the virus,
fibrosis, cirrhosis, Chronic fatigue, compromised immune systems auto immune disease, poor digestion and the list goes on.
I do see that people who have virtually no damage from hep c appear to heal completely.

A vast improvement over interferon.

In good health,
Lloyd Wright