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my doc is amazed at my hep C levels

From: S B
Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2014 6:54 PM
Subject: Regiment

Hey Lloyd


New Features Available at Alternative Medicine Solution

We are currently upgrading our website at and we realize that you may need to register a new account and you'll need to learn all the new navigation features of the new site but we hope your shopping experience will be better for making these changes in the long run.  And to make up for throwing all this Change at you we hope these new shopping features will help.

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Alternative Medicine Gift Certificates Now Available.

Give the Gift of Health! Alternative Medicine Solution Gift Cerificates Now Available!

You can now give a gift certificate to the Alternative Medicine Solution store to anyone for any occasion ... or just 'cause you love them!

Sponsoring the wellness of your loved ones with a gift certificate takes the awkwardness out of helping them through these troubled financial times.

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Richard is Cured of Hepatitis C

From: Richard
Sent: Friday, February 14, 2014 7:51 PM
To: Lloyd Wright
Subject: Richard is Cured

Chart of Richard's ALT Progression to being cured of Hepatitis C

Hi Lloyd,

I have some very good news. After suffering for years with Hep C my liver functions are back to normal. Thank you so much for the book and your consultations.


Bahamas Resident ‘Reverses Ageing Process’

Click to Watch It

Tribune Freeport Reporter
dmaycock @

BILLIONAIRE fashion designer and Bahamas resident Peter Nygard says he is getting younger - after he reversed the ageing process using stem cells.

The Science of Aging

Click to Watch It

Why do we age, from a biological perspective? 

Telomere length, the tal end of your DNA, is being recognized as an important marker of health and well-being.  They get a little bit shorter each time they replicate... and shorter is older.

The telomeres are thought to prevent the cell’s damage response mechanisms from recognizing the ends of linear chromosomes as double-stranded DNA breaks, including those arising when chromosomes are damaged by stresses such as ionizing radiation.

TA 65 is proven to lengthen telomeres.
Learn more of the Science behind TA65 Here

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