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Joe Fraziers Bout With Hepatitis

Visit This Link to read a wonderful account of Joe Fraziers biggest bout, Hepatitis.

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Seven foods that will naturally cleanse your liver

(NaturalNews) The primary way in which your body expels toxins is via the liver, which detoxifies and cleanses your body by continuously filtering the blood of poisons that enter it through the digestive tract, the skin, and the respiratory system. But when your liver becomes overworked as a result of stress or excessive exposure to toxins, your entire system can be thrown off balance, and your health severely compromised.

Bombshell Suzanne Somers Endorses TA-65

Suzanne Somers takes TA-65

In Suzanne Somers new book: "Bombshell" a book on alternative medicine secrets that fight the Aging Process which was released May 8th 2012 There's a chapter on TA-65 where she discusses the significance of telomeres, telomerase activation. On 65 year old bombshell Suzanne Somers recent media tour she has been speaking highly of TA-65.

she mentions TA-65®MD on Fox & Friends
starting at the 4:00 minute mark:

More Information about TA-65 here.

threatened with jail time for “practicing nutrition without a license”

By Jack Minor
A blogger in North Carolina has been threatened with jail time for “practicing nutrition without a license” by writing about his experiences with diabetes and telling readers what types of food he was eating.

It was in January when the North Carolina Board of Dietetics and Nutrition told blogger Steve Cooksey, who writes at, that it was investigating him for providing nutrition care services without a license.

The Swiss Government's Remarkable Report on Homeopathic Medicine

The Swiss government has a long and widely-respected history of neutrality, and therefore, reports from this government on controversial subjects need to be taken more seriously than other reports from countries that are more strongly influenced by present economic and political constituencies. When one considers that two of the top five largest drug companies in the world have their headquarters in Switzerland, one might assume that this country would have a heavy interest in and bias toward conventional medicine, but such assumptions would be wrong.

Major Hepatitis C Vaccine Discovery

By Claire Bates

The scientist who discovered hepatitis C in 1989 says he has now created a vaccine against the liver-destroying virus.

Michael Houghton, from the University of Alberta, said the vaccine was developed from a single strain but is effective against all known strains of the disease.

Gilead Says Hepatitis C Patients Had Relapse in Trial, Shares Plunge

Shares of Gilead Sciences (GILD: 44.69, -2.31, -4.91%) fell 14% Friday morning after the drug maker said a majority of patients enrolled in one of its studies experienced a viral relapse within four weeks of completing the 12-week experimental hepatitis C treatment.

Six of the eight patients that previously had a “null” response but were taking GS-7977 plus the widely used antiviral ribavirin as part of Gilead’s Electron study had a relapse.

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