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Immune system boost cures HIV-like infections

A group of Australian scientists have been able to cure HIV-like infections in mice by boosting their immune systems.

Doctor Marc Pellegrini from Melbourne's Walter and Eliza Hall Institute found a hormone known as Interleukin 7 stimulates the body's response to an infection, causing it to clear the virus.

This process is called immune exhaustion.

"We found that Interleukin 7 boosted the immune response in a pretty profound fashion, such that animals were able to gradually clear the virus without too much collateral tissue damage," Dr Pellegrini said.

Hepatitis C Virus Causes Brain Inflammation Leading to Neuron Injury

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) can breach the blood-brain barrier and infect support cells in the brain, triggering inflammatory changes that ultimately result in damage to neurons, suggests new research published in the open access online journal PLoS One.

Zinc Supplementation Improves the Outcome of Chronic Hepatitis C and Liver Cirrhosis

Shunichi Matsuoka, Hiroshi Matsumura, Hitomi Nakamura, Shu Oshiro, Yasuo Arakawa, Junpei Hayashi, Naoki Sekine, Kazushige Nirei, Hiroaki Yamagami, Masahiro Ogawa, Noriko Nakajima, Shuichi Amaki, Naohide Tanaka, and Mitsuhiko Moriyama*
Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Department of Medicine, Nihon University School of Medicine, 30-1, oyaguchi kamimachi, Itabashiku, Tokyo 173-8610, Japan
*To whom correspondence should be addressed.

FW: I am your LIVER!

2 great articles on OxyMatrine

Among the earliest publications about clinical application of oxymatrine for viral hepatitis was a preliminary study by Li Jiqiang and colleagues, with patients having hepatitis C. Their report, in which positive results were claimed, appeared in Chinese in 1998 (1) and again in English in 1999 (2). They gave oxymatrine injection (600 mg once per day) to patients with hepatitis B, and observed that the viral load declined, indicating that oxymatrine served to inhibit viral replication; in addition it appeared to reduce liver fibrosis.

Herbal Tea Recipes



  • BURDOCK ROOT - liver cleanser also reduces jaundice and inflammation!

Suggested Use: 1 cup 2x day.

1 lb = 4 cups = 16 quarts = 64 cups = 1 bag is a one month supply!

  1. Bring 2 quarts water to a boil
  2. Add 1/2 cup burdock root and cover
  3. Remove from heat and let steep for 1 hour.



The Spanish research suggests dark chocolate is helpful in lowering blood pressure in the liver and also limits blood vessel damage in the area for patients with cirrhosis.

"This study shows a clear association between eating dark chocolate and portal hypertension and demonstrates the potential importance of improvements in the management of cirrhotic patients, to minimize the onset and impact of end stage liver disease and its associated mortality risks," Mark Thursz, vice-secretary of the European Association for the Study of Liver, said in a news release.

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