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1 month on some of your program

From: Fernando
Sent: Friday, January 06, 2012 10:41 PM
To: lloyd
Subject: 1 month on some of your prgram

Hi Mr Lloyd Wright! thank u so much sir. 1 month on some of ur products and ive had some terrrrrific dayz let me tell you! Im so excited to complete a year of product consuming and learning all i can from ur books. It seems that the more i read ur books over and over the lightbulb in my head gets brighter and brighter. ive had many wlala moments sir and for that i thank u so much. Correct knowledge is power, power that u can actually feel. Its like grabbing the bull from the horns and going for a ride. My joy and my confidence has risen high. I feel like im on top of the world, exactly where God Himself wants us to be.

We take our health for granted till we dont hav it any more, but today im doing just fantastic and its because of the correct knowledge that im getting thanks to u sir. I had one day in particular about three dayz ago that i truly felt not 1 thing wrong in my body. i felt phenomenol and i truly expect that to be the norm in my life pretty soon. I had forgotten what it felt to feel as i did three dayz ago, but its all coming back to my memory and im not settling for nothing less. Eventually Im getting the TLM and wer going to increase this healing process and speed tremendously.

take care and God Bless u Sir!