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1st Blood Test Results

From: randy
Sent: Saturday, February 04, 2012 12:15 PM
To: Lloyd Wright;
Subject: blood test results

Dear Lloyd,
I have just received the first test results since using your recommended therapy.  The results will not have been 100% accurate because I cut down on the amounts and some of the items on your program.  I begin Narinegin this cycle and will advise you of the test results of this controlled experiment.  So, using only: natcell thymus every other day, selenium, milk thistle, Alpha Lipoic acid, Dndylion root tea, licorish root tea

The results are as follows:

                                       12-22-2011            2-3-2012
HCV,RNA,QN  IU/ml           10000629H            *4059170H
HCV,RNA,QN,PCR 1.63 log IU/ml     7.0                6.61

(this figure did not seem realistic so I checked with the lab and they have confirmed the results).

AST                                   100H                         65
ALT                                   112H                         61