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ALT & AST Improvement on Lloyd's Regime

From: Rick
Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2011 2:45 PM
To: 'Lloyd Wright'
Subject: AST and ALT


I just wanted to share with you.  On 11/24/10 after not following any program for a couple of years my  AST was 54 and my ALT was 131.  I was very disappointed.  I got on this regime recommended by you- Frozen Thymus, NADH, Blueberry Extract, Liver Formula II, and Laktoferrin -all at your recommended dosages and less than 2months later my AST is 48, ALT 43. 

Very pleased and thank you and anymore recommendations would be appreciated.  I opted out of the liver biopsy and am  looking for someone to do the fibroscan in the US.  You were looking to find for me).  I have a prescription to have the fibro blood test done also.


Fibroscan information: