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Arizona has canceled lifesaving transplants for Vets

From: HCVets
Sent: Friday, February 11, 2011 8:32 AM
Subject: From Educational Website & Support Forums- IMPORTANT!

Hello, We asking for your help. Arizona (AZ) has canceled lifesaving transplants for Vets that receive medicaid. Not only Vets, but all patients currently on the transplant list were sent home to die.

When organ failure occurs... 90% of the patients have gone through their assets because of health care expense and depend on help from Medicaid for help.

A total of 98 people were on that list and now 2 have died. AZ has established a death panel and this concept is spreading rapidly to other states.

HCVets Educational Website & Support Forums has united with the Dream of Life Coalition (DLC) that is other transplant organizations, intervening to help these patients receive health care. Our goal is to persuade Gov Jan Brewer to cut the pork in their budget verses killing patients.

DLC has presented alternatives in collaborations with Health and Human Services for ways to save these lives. But the Governor stands firm that these cuts will be made. DLC has a petition online We organized a March on the Capitol in Phoenix, set for March 5. DLC and will deliver the petition then. Here's our flyer.

Ask everyone you know to attend and sign the petition, including the other Vet orgs, and groups. Help send a powerful message to the AZ legislators that these vets and other patients will not die quietly.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide. It will be most appreciated.

Best always!
Tricia Lupole
Ex Dir. Educational Website & Support Forums

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