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Bradley Quick has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer

Dorothy Lee Donahue

Dorothy Lee Donahue

12:51am Oct 4

Greetings dear friends,
As many of you now know, our beloved Bradley Quick has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. This news has been as unexpected to him as it has to all who love him and he has not even had time to digest the information and neither have we. His mother, Betty Roberts, is here with his cousin, DeWayne McCarroll and they are overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and concern for Bradley and are grateful more than mere words can express for all of the calls, the emails and the Facebook postings that have come in. Due to the gravity of the situation and to the fact that heavy duty radiation has already begun, his mother respectfully requests that you check on him through the Facebook postings which will be updated as soon as things develop and it is with great regret that we must request you to not visit him at this time. You can also email me or call me if you need to talk. Bradley wants to see all of you and looks forward to your visits but right now he desperately needs rest and time to focus on his recovery. The cancer has spread to his liver, stomach, brain, lungs, throat and has even gone into his bones. However, we believe in miracles and Betty has already co created a BIG ONE with Bradley when he was much younger and we believe that with enough rest and with all of the prayers, good thoughts and love that is pouring in from all over the world, that we can co create another one together. So instead of visits right now, we ask that you write your Bradley stories and email them to me. Betty wants to have them all in one place for Bradley now, and in the future, and I will take them to the hospital once a day and we will share them with Bradley. We have been sharing the Facebook postings and the conversations we have had with all of you and this has helped him more than you can possibly know. Please feel free to call me for updates and/or email me and I will get back to each of you as soon as possible. I am planning on having a prayer vigil and will let you know where and when. Let us co create a miracle together for our beloved Bradley.
BTW, if you wish to send a card, Bradley’s address is
Bradley Quick
5419 Beck Avenue
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Love, Light, Blessings, Hugs and Smiles,

Dorothy Lee

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” -- Jonathan Swift

Lloyd Wright

Lloyd Wright

8:26am Oct 4

Hello Dorothy,
I am devastated to hear about this diagnosis for
Bradley. I am extremely saddened.
Please let me know if there is anything at all that I can do to help. ANYTHING!
May I ask, what kind of cancer is this?

In health,

It gets stranger and stranger by the minute....

Dorothy Lee Donahue

9:10am Oct 4

It gets stranger and stranger by the minute. Here is the latest report from his family this morning. Whatever it is is in every part of his body and it was discovered yesterday that one of his ribs is partially gone and yet this:

Yesterday (10/3/12), Bradley had a biopsy of his stomach. However, the doctors couldn't find any abnormalities so they'll be taking some cells from one of his ribs today which will be tested to determine the type of cancer.

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