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Determined To Find help

This came in from the Ask Lloyd form the other day

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Determined ToFindhelp


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Is there a treatment program for the debilitating symptoms after Peginterferon treatment.
My life is being destroyed. I took a 48 week treatment program from January 2005 to January 2006.

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Taken Interferon
Had a Hepatitis A or B Vaccine
Had a Biopsy

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From: Lloyd Wright
Sent: Monday, December 06, 2010 10:23 AM
Subject: RE: Ask Lloyd ...

Hello Determined to find help,

Yes, there is some hope.

The best item which yields the best results is NatCell CNS.

The broad range of side effects caused by interferon are from brain damage. They may feel like something else but the majority of damage comes from damage in the brain stem.

NatCell CNS has the ability to regenerate these cells like nothing else on earth.

You should also use NADH, Omega 3 fish oil and Hypothalamus.

These are the items that I have seen provide some relief from the horrid interferon side effects.

Time also can diminish some of the problems.

Serious arthritis and joint pain issues can be addressed best by moving to a dry climate. That seems to be the most efficient way to deal with that particular problem which is a huge problem with this drug and it is not addressed by the medical community. If that is not possible try some NatCell Joint Support. There are lots of products that may help some but Joint Support from NatCell is the finest product available.

Please read attachments.

In health,