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November 12, 2012

HEPATITIS C – A Do-it-Yourself Guide for Health
by Lloyd Wright, soft cover, 140 pages, Lloyd Wright Publishing, $8.99

Wright says that he knows all about the rigors of life with Hep C, and he also knows all about wandering in the dark when doctors have no answers.  Maybe he does.  He is also the author of “Triumph Over Hepatitis C,” and writes that more than 200 million individuals worldwide have the illness, about five million of them Americans.  He notes that many people he has helped have used the drug interferon and had it fail. 

His book builds on years of work and brings new information to the forefront about ways to combat the virus.  He describes holistic methods including reishi mushrooms, alpha-lipoic acid, licorice root, dandelion root, aloe vera and several others.  He writes about the items and tells what he says each plant or element can do, or what it did for him.  And he advises on things to avoid, including hard liquor, sugar substitutes, refined sugar, white flour and salt and homogenized, pasteurized dairy products.  He also advises that individuals live a lifestyle that includes personal cleanliness, exercise and minimal stress.  He gives answers to many questions, such as “Should I get the flu shot?,” “Why do I get cramps?” and “What is fever therapy?”  And he says that individuals can use his methods to treat fibrosis, varices, ascites and liver cancer.  And to cover himself, he of course must publish a disclaimer that states the opinions in his books are his and are not medical facts or medical advice.  He notes that Hep C is a potentially fatal disease, and those who have it should discuss it with their physicians before using the alternative methods he writes about.  If you have the illnesses he writes about, the book is worth the price to read it and make treatment decisions on your own after conferring with your doctor.