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Doctors Test Analysis

From: Jeffrey S
Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2012 7:29 PM
To: Lloyd Wright
Subject: test results

Hi Lloyd,

Just received my test results from earlier in the week, thought you might be interested. This is the second negative test in 5 months so I believe I can cut back on treatment at this time although I will continue to take milk thistle, alpha lipioc, NAC, and green tea Max V. The doctor recommended that I take omega three fish oil for elevated cholesterol.

I just switched health plans and am now with Kaiser and was surprised by my new Doctor's acceptance of what I have been doing for my hepatitis although he brought up interferon which I quickly dismissed. Now he can see the results for himself. 

His letter is below... thanks again for what you do. I will take care of myself and get tested every 6 months or so to make sure "the virus stays gone."  :  )

Jeff S

 Dr's message

I sent you a letter explaining your results, your cholesterol was elevated and you had no evidence of active hepatitis infection. The tests show that you have been exposed to hepatitis A, B and C but do not have an active infection now. It has gone away. Viruses can come and go and in your case, the virus has gone.

Your cholesterol is slightly elevated. Please call the Health Education Department to sign up for a cholesterol class.

Come into the lab in 6 months to repeat your cholesterol test. The test needs to be done fasting for 12 hours. The lab test orders will be waiting for you in the lab. 

Please start taking omega three fish oil one gram three times a day.