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Everything you said in your book came true



Your Question for Lloyd

I just completed 10 weeks of interferon/rybo...Incivik. I am 59 yrs. Everything you said in your book came true. Never so sick,,thought I would die. Dr.took me off because of low red and white blood cells,,,,had two blood transfusions. Been off now for two weeks,,still feel real bad,,all kinds of infections. I see the dr this fri. Don't know what his plans for me now and I will refuse further tx. Could you tell me what herbs and vitamins I should take? I am broke,,have not worked and don't see me going back. I started taking milk thistle and co q 10. I've bought two of your books that have been so honest and helpful. Please, I want my life back .... Only reason I could go to tx was a free clinic...I now feel like a quinsy pig. Thank you deb

Have You ...

Taken Interferon AND Had a Biopsy AND taken antibiotics