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FDA Seeking to Ban More Vitamins!

June 19, 2013: Dr. Mercola reports Senator Durbin's plans to increase FDA power over our supplements, claiming "under-reported" adverse events!

But, what is the truth about adverse events? Here is what Dr. Mercola found out:

  • From 2008 to 2011, FDA received 6,307 AERs for dietary supplements, not including 1,000 AERs that were submitted to poison control centers, rather than the FDA
  • In 2008, 1,080 dietary supplement AERs were reported to FDA
  • In 2008, 526,527 prescription drug AERs were reported
  • In 2008, 26,517 vaccine AERs were reported

"When you do the math, there were 488 times as many adverse events reported from prescription drugs as from dietary supplements!"

March 2013: Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, misreading a GAO about the small number of Adverse Events reported to the FDA about dietary supplements, wants better reporting.

Says the Senator: “In the GAO report, FDA officials acknowledge that the greatest challenge for identifying potential safety concerns from [adverse event reports] is the small number of [adverse event reports] that FDA receives related to dietary supplements."

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